Join us at DC Prime on July 16th between 4-9 pm and mention the CJ3 Foundation to your server. A portion of your check will be donated to the CJ3 Fountain to support our veterans.

Serving Our Nation’s Wounded Heroes!

The CJ3 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization serving our Nation’s wounded Heroes – Wounded/Disabled U.S. Military Service Members, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Emergency/First Responders through three primary initiatives: (1) CJ3 Advocacy, (2) CJ3 Mental Health & Wellness, and (3) CJ3 Service Dogs. The CJ3 Foundation provides services, support, and advocacy to our Nation’s wounded heroes who need/require assistance and then connects them with resources and programs designed to meet their unique set of needs. The CJ3 Foundation assists them in finding both the means and opportunities to holistically improve their life outlook and reconnect with the communities they selflessly chose to serve.